Greetings From FLYOVER CITY!

Hello, Chicago (the original Flyover City)!

41. The End (dot dot dot, Question Mark)

I got a hair up my ass on the way into work today. I swung by Pablo's Coffee to try out their new "Danger Monkey Blend".

(Of everyone involved, I guess it's not that surprising that he's the one the hipsters have all embraced.)

I was bent over, unlocking my bike, when somebody asked me if I had any spare change.

That glint of emerald was long gone. There wasn't a hint of recognition in his eyes - just the yellow that comes from nicotine and too much moonlight.

I asked what happened to him, after the explosion. Had he followed me in, or did he know about the tunnels, himself?

He just stared at me, impatiently. "You got any change, or not?"

I asked him about the war, the Allied Force, about his time in the monastery. He turned away from me, mumbling.

As I rode off, I heard him calling out behind me: "Crazy fucker! I don't believe in ghosts, either!"

I guess some people's "ultimate sacrifice" is more ultimate than others.


The new job is going pretty well - writing press releases is a pretty sweet gig. I could do without the calls from the media, though. Answering questions about Alton Vaig's whereabouts is almost as much fun as explaining to somebody why their cable's been shut off, even though they swear they sent the check last week.

But you know those late night infomercials? For The Greyraven Diet Plan and Workout DVDs? I got my copy today - gratis. (minus the shipping and handling, of course)

I'm even getting along better with AVI. Put a couple Pez dispensers on his hard-drive, to give him a little flair. Still no good for happy hours, though. That's what I've got Spliff for, I suppose. I don't mind floating him 'til he gets a new job and all - but seriously, he's gotta stop with the questions.

Not that they let me in on any of the real important stuff. Who's the new Greyraven? Please. I will say, however - and this is strictly my own speculation, mind you - he does seem to have an abundance of archery-themed weapons in his arsenal, lately. Just sayin'.

I did find this pretty interesting, though: after Darkstreak took that sword to the spine, a few years back? Apparently, Greyraven injected him with Dr. Fang's meta-genetic SimStem compound, to help him heal. The same highly illegal substance the mad doctor used to create the Manitou Springs kaiju, and grow Deacon Struck to even more improbable proportions.

Which would explain the new, metamorphic-superhero who's been showing up on the news. Maybe.

Or maybe it's just like he told me once: "Dumb luck". Which isn't such a bad superpower to have, if you think about it.


On the home front, Gwen picked out a dress today. She won't tell me how much it was, but she swears she didn't put it on a card - so the argument wasn't too bad.

We're cool, though. Really, really, good. I can't explain it... but it just feels right, you know? The way I see it, "alternate realities" and "possible futures" are just that.

But hey, who knows?

Ask me again in ten years.


JZ said...

Hey, I'm saddened to see it end, but it was the right ending (or feels right to me anyway).

I'm rereading to see the whole thing in perspective.

Anyway, do you have anything else that you're thinking of doing?

joel wyatt said...

Thanks, Jim - it means a lot coming from someone who's been around since the begining!

As far as writing is concerned, I've got a couple ideas for other blogfics. 2 completely unrelated to "FC!", one would be a pulp-style adventure of the 1930s Greyraven. And I've got a boffo comic book idea, if I can ever find an artist to replace the guy who dropped out a few years ago...

... probably start freelancing, again ($$$, ya know?), and I will, at LOOOONG last, review all the superhero listings on WFG!

enter_theblonde said...

and so it is...

four days into january, he says to me..."google flyover city." and ever since then, joel wyatt was with me. albeit, for a while it was sort of a haunting presence, to say the least.

in any sense, this "novel/novella of sorts" is perfect. perfectly Fishy.

enjoy your postpartum glow, Baby. you've earned it...

(dot dot dot, ellipse ellipse ellipse, for old times sake)


Don Paradox said...

Well done.

joel wyatt said...

Thanks, Don!

Zero-ELEC said...

I basically read all of this in one day. And I must say, I loved it. Really awesome work.

joel wyatt said...

Thanks, Z-E, I needed that!

Cathy said...

"But hey, who knows? Ask me again in ten years."

haha. Hope your blog is still here after 10 years, so we could ask you. Anyway, settling down is not that bad, eh.


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